Friday, November 4, 2016

Laura Nox - Save A Little Love

Introducing 21-year-old Swedish newcomer Laura Nox, who has today unveiled her rather exceptional and powerful debut single called "Save A Little Love". The track mixes electro-influenced underground sounds with darkly grand synths and an addictive chorus. The soundscape is wide and dream-like, providing a deep melancholic world to get lost in.

Lyrically, "Save A Little Love' explores the recent refugee crisis and how poorly handled the situation has been on a political level. Most importantly, it highlights how easily the world looks away when things are hard to handle, and how we often we turn a blind eye to situations that don’t affect us directly.

Growing up in Malmö, Laura first started performing in bands at the age of 17, and now, as a unique solo artist laden with British influences including the likes of Depeche Mode, Laura is molding her own tantalizing brand of modern pop

Speaking on the track, Laura says:

"The lyrics are based on important current events, moral aspects and questioning societies standards. A red line is to never explain but to questioning and to always encourage a living on the edge feeling where you’re testing limits and looking for thrills. I want to invite my listeners and to a world where everything is allowed and everyone are equals!"

Listen to "Save A Little Love" below.

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