Saturday, November 26, 2016

Noréll - Damage Done

Following on from the release of their brilliant debut single, "Howl" back in July and their equally impressive follow-up, "The Great Escape", Copenhagen-based trio Noréll return to unleash their third offering called "Damage Done", which further cements themselves as an exciting new act to watch in 2017. Throughout "Damage Done", there's a shimmering melody that slices through the lingering bass and exploits the dynamics of vocalist Marie Louise's voice. Intertwined with vocal washes to sink in, you're left wanting to do exactly what the lyrics say: scream her name. Underpinned by sharp production that drives the pioneering sound, you can hear all genres that have been drawn on here by co-members Viktor Hagner and Nichlas Malling. Think pop, dance, punk, R&B and electro – but don’t put this trio into any specific genre. Abolishing clichés, yet providing a track with staying power, Noréll have nailed this song with class.

Listen to "Damage Done" below.

Premiere via Soundvenue.

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