Monday, December 12, 2016

Tye James - Lies

New York City-based singer/songwriter (and one half of KNGDAVD) Tye James has just unveiled his debut solo single entitled "Lies", an emotional and reverb guitar-driven ballad that showcases his immensely powerful use of falsetto. The track also serves as the first taste of James' new singles series, Questions of Faith & Sex, which sees him addressing the struggles he has faced reconciling his spiritual beliefs with the true desires of his heart.

Speaking on the track, James says:

"For the longest time, I thought God was testing me. The song paints a picture of a young man coming of age and coming to terms with himself. It is, at once a heartfelt lamentation and a rallying cry- proclaiming a universal truth: be yourself."

Listen to "Lies" below.

Premiere via The Beatforest.

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