Friday, January 20, 2017

Lyves - Like Water (EP)

London-based singer/songwriter and producer Francesca Bergami, aka Lyves has today released her eagerly-awaited debut EP titled Like Water. The four song collection includes her previously released singles, "No Love" and "Darkest Hour", as well as two exceptional new tracks, "The Weather" and "Free". Both "No Love" and "Darkest Hour" have already garnered the support of Pigeons and Planes, Indie Shuffle, Hillydilly, as well as many more tastemaking music blogs.

"It was a really deep time," says Francesca. "I wrote a lot of music up there, but it's not a proper studio, it’s bedroom produced." Using just a keyboard, her computer and a set of speakers to capture her sound – a vulnerable, yet positively uplifting accomplishment – Francesca stayed put until her EP was complete. ‘Darkest Hour’ is testament to Francesca’s enduring quality and determination as an artist. Representative of a transformative period in Francesca's life, the track itself is symbolic of resistance – never backing down, and never giving up.

"The whole EP is very personal, yet quite subconscious," she explains. "I really trust the words that arrive when I’m sat there at my keyboard the first time round. Sometimes it’s things that I don’t even realise that I’m going through until I read back the lyrics. I’ve always felt emotions very strongly, but never known where to place them. When I started writing songs, it felt like I could breathe again. I'm able to pour everything out."

With a voice that can be both emotive and empowering at once, Francesca sings of loss, adaption, and survival. "That's my aim, to be as honest and real as possible, then hopefully people will feel something from it." says Francesca. "When I worked in mental health I had a lot of people really open up to me, really let it all out – there something really beautiful and courageous about that. I really hope to offer something to people who might be going through a difficult time. I don’t want it to be about me. I want the music to speak for itself and possibly give something. That's what fuels my passion."

Listen to Lyves' Like Water EP in full below.

Purchase a copy of Lyves' Like Water EP on iTunes.

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