Saturday, January 28, 2017

Phebe Starr - They Keep Telling Me

Driven by her passion for emotional and meaningful pop music and her need to create an identity separate from the culture surrounding her, Los Angeles-based Australian artist Phebe Starr has today unveiled her glistening new single called "They Keep Telling Me", which is lifted from her forthcoming Chronicles EP, due out on March 31st. Co-written with Josuha Sadlier Brown and Swedish producer Fredric Ödesjöalso, "They Keep Telling Me" was crafted as an antidote to a series of confronting and disheartening experiences.

"I wrote this track after the worst co-write I've had in my life," Phebe recalls. "Two sexist jerks told me to sit in a room and shut up while they wrote a hit for me It was humiliating and demoralised the purpose of creativity and the hard work I've put in to creating a life filled with it. It’s horrible been treated as a stereotype or having to live up to one to be accepted. I wrote this song about my quiet rebellion from those expectations which seem to chase me through life."

Listen to "They Keep Telling Me" below.

"They Keep Telling Me" is available now on iTunes.

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