Friday, February 24, 2017

Caswell - Animal

South London-based artist Caswell has today unveiled her stunning new single called "Animal", a brooding song that further showcases her pure, soulful voice and broad range, which has seen her being compared to the likes of Jorja Smith, Sasha Keable and JONES. At just 22-year-old, Caswell has already developed her own rich and distinct sound; combining jazz, soul and pop influences with a knack for sophisticated songwriting.

"I draw from my own personal experiences," says Caswell. "I find that's when I really need to write. It's very much a form of catharsis for me and I like having created something positive like a song out of something negative that has happened in my life. Sometimes it helps me find closure and listening back to songs is like seeing the little milestones of my life."

"When you listen to a record, especially these days, everything's been tweaked, second guessed and overthought to a point where sometimes the soul is lost. Although live will never sound as perfect, it's an opportunity to properly connect to the rawness of the song and the artist."

Caswell's symbolic and literal voice is clear and convincing, with an emotional maturity beyond her years. This, paired with her grit and determination, mean that Caswell is definitely an artist to watch in 2017.

Listen to "Animal" below.

Premiere via Wonderland Magazine.

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