Monday, February 6, 2017

Death Team - Work

Stockholm-based rap-pop duo Death Team, comprised of Mayka Edd and Johen Rafael Tilli, have just shared their new single called "Work", an aptly titled anthem to help shake off the everyday mundane of working a 9-to-5 job. The new single follows last year's release of their debut EP, Death Team Loves You and follow-up single, "Messed Up", which received praise from the likes of The Guardian, DIY, Line Of Best Fit and many more. "Work" is the sound of Death Team becoming bigger than ever before so it's no wonder that Charli XCX declared them her favorite Swedish band and gave them support on her Beats 1 radio show.

"This song is about the feeling when you have to go to work even if you don't want to," the duo says. "Because if you didn't you would end up on the street. And you also love to have some money so you can buy stuff that's on sale. Maybe a nice dress."

Listen to "Work" below.

"Work" is available now on iTunes.

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