Thursday, February 2, 2017

Tye James - WAR

New York City-based singer/songwriter Tye James, who's also one half of KNGDAVD, first debuted his solo project toward the tail end of 2016 with the release of his first single, "Lies", which quickly garnered the support of a handful of tastemaking music blogs. Today, Tye returns to once again showcase his songwriting prowess and crisp vocal chops by sharing his empowering new alt-rock anthem, aptly titled "WAR."

To accompanying the track, Tye has shared this message:
"With the leaked draft of Trumps 'Religious Freedom' executive order making the rounds as well as his executive order against refugees - I've set up a 'Donate to Download' for my new song 'WAR.' All proceeds will go directly to the TREVOR PROJECT and/or the ACLU.

Now more than ever we need to support our LGBTQ youth and give them hope in a time when many people are fearful of what is to come. As a gay man and the son of an immigrant, I am angered by the executive orders Trump is enacting... I know it's not much but this is a song of empowerment and a call to resist.
Listen to "WAR" below.

Click here to download/donate.

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