Thursday, March 30, 2017

Amery - So Good

Introducing 20-year-old Belgian artist Amery, who is ready to take the music world by storm with the release of his aptly titled debut single, "So Good", an R&B-infused pop gem which was co-written and produced in collaboration with James Lowland and Amra Dorjbayar.

Born to Rwandan parents, Amery fell in love with music while discovering Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean video on MTV. His grandma then got the idea to gift him an African drum that ignited a spark in the heart of the little 5-year-old boy. That flame quickly grew into a fire when he brushed the keys of a piano for the very first time at church. Playing the instrument by ear, he immediately felt driven by the notes.

Upon graduating from high school, Amery decided to focus exclusively on his passion with the full support of his mom who witnessed his dedication throughout the years. Amery eventually crossed paths with W!G Music (also home to Ivy Mode) and signed a record deal. Together with their in-house producer, James Lowland, he created a universe where modern-day pop and the singer’s R&B influences collide. "So Good" is a delicious earworm where Amery sings his heart out about the tingly feeling that comes with infatuation, his love bursting into a radiant falsetto shining over the infectious chorus. "I want people to get back to that feeling they experienced when they met their first crush or love of their life. I want to bring them back to where it all started", Amery says about the feel-good track.

Listen to "So Good" below.

"So Good" is available now on iTunes.

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