Monday, April 24, 2017

Tuelo - Saint Margaret

Blending African melodies with American soul and punk rock to make what's been dubbed "revival music", Tuelo, led by South African-born, Brooklyn-based songstress Tuelo Minah, who The Huffington Post labelled as New York’s Best Singer (and The World's), has just unveiled her new single entitled "Saint Margaret", which was written as an homage to Tuelo's mother, Seabi, whose "English" name is Margaret. Oddly enough, Tuelo's mother has yet to hear her sing or see her perform, yet she remains a favorite topic amongst fans because of how Tuelo weaves her into every conversation and every show. Tuelo credits her love for people, environment, tradition, culture, words and learning, spirituality, and her non-conformist and awkward nature to her mother, and often remarks that if somebody had told her as a child that her mother was God, she would have been a believer a long time ago.

Listen to "Saint Margaret" below.

Premiere ​via Consequence of Sound.

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