Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Gallo - Sugar Daddy

Introducing American-Lebanese pop artist Gallo, who has just unveiled the music video for her debut single, "Sugar Daddy", a track that is as seductive as it is sinister with a delicious melody and flavorful lyrics. The single also serves as the first taste of her forthcoming self-titled debut EP, which is due for release on August 25th.

Described as "the leading lady of her perpetual Quentin Tarantino fantasy", Gallo shines a technicolor light on the alternative music scene. Her dark melodic tendencies are matched with origami-like lyrics, elegantly folded and refolded until they are perfectly angled, pointed, and refined. With her Rhodes in-tow, Gallo delivers a haunting performance dripping in custom couture and dark humor. Though most of Gallo’s life has been nestled under a canopy of Hollywood lights, her childhood was spent in a nomadic fashion taking her all around the world with her surroundings were ever-changing. Because of this, music served as her reliable safe haven, transporting her to fantastical galaxies in unknown dimensions.

Speaking on the video for "Sugar Daddy", Gallo tells PopCrush:

"I'm so in love with the 'Sugar Daddy' music video. It directly plays on the message I want my fans and viewers to receive, which is to live boldly, fearlessly and never let go of your imagination. The director, Nadia Lee Cohen, had a major part in making my vision come to life. She is such a brilliant creative, and is actually an inspiration to me. When I first found her on Instagram, I was blown away by her style and work, and we instantly became friends.

The music video began coming to life when I was writing the song, as whenever I write a song, certain colors, textures, movements, and concepts paint themselves in my mind. So I always saw 'Sugar Daddy' as being very cartoonish, very bold and bright in colors, with a 1950s, 1960s vibe. Also, fantasy always plays a big role in my imagery. I want to create a world for my fans to escape to with me when watching my videos, a world that always leaves them wanting more and wondering what’s around the corner.

Watch the video for "Sugar Daddy" below.


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