Monday, August 28, 2017

ENISA - Freedom

After having first come to our attention late last year with her debut single, "Burn This Bridge" and again with her follow-up track "Glory Days", emerging 20-year-old Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter ENISA is back to once again showcase her powerhouse vocal chops and songwriting prowess with her latest soulful pop anthem entitled "Freedom", which was co-written and produced by Julie Hardy and Mike MacAllister at Creekside Sound.

"Freedom is more than a word, more than an idea, freedom is a movement that we continue to fight for everyday," says ENISA. "I was inspired to write this song from the perspective of everyone who has been hurting in this country, everyone who has been discriminated because of their sexuality, race, nationality and religion. Freedom is more than a political slogan, it's something we fight for within our selves, our minds. It's easy to be chained to this unrealistic idea of how to look or act perfect with social media, magazines and television. Many of us face battles within our selves, fighting to try free our minds of these ideas and stereotypes that the media has engraved in our minds. These stereotypical ideals can act like shackles in the mind, everyday is a struggle to break free for many. I wrote this song to serve as a voice for those people who never give up and continue the fight for their rights to live as they desire."

Listen to "Freedom" below.

"Freedom" is available now on iTunes.

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