Friday, August 4, 2017

Liyv - Like You Mean It

Portland-based (via Seattle) singer/songwriter and producer Olivia Paige Holman, aka Liyv, is no doubt one of the most prolific artists out there, having greatly impressed us among many others throughout the blogosphere last year with tracks from her "One Song A Month" project and then making her grand return less than a month ago with her first new single of the year, "Hot Lights". Today, Liyv is back again with her latest offering entitled "Like You Mean It", which is less glitchy than her previous track and this time sees her explore a slightly more experimental side to her music, fusing together minimal synth pads, tribal percussion and overlapping vocals to create a rather unique (in a good way) electronic pop ditty as she softly sings, "I know you're just trying to have fun but baby I am just about done."

Listen to "Like You Mean It" along with "Four Walls", a collaboration with Roche, below and stay tuned for more new music from Liyv as she is currently preparing for the release of her upcoming EP, due out later this year.

"Like You Mean It" is available now on Bandcamp.

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