Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Henry Green - Another Light

22-year-old Bristol-based electronic artist and producer Henry Green has today announced the release of his long-awaited debut full-length titled Shift, which is due out on March 30th via Akira Records. To celebrate the announcement, Henry Green has also unveiled his brand new single entitled "Another Light", a minimal and delicate offering which combines Green's intimate, confessional songwriting with an obsession with electronics that has built in him since he was a teenager.

Speaking about the track, Henry Green says:

"I had a really vivid image/moment in mind when I wrote 'Another Light'. I was sat on a silent beach in the early hours of the morning, slightly hazy from the lack of sleep and I wanted to write about the whirlwind of colours and textures, both in the landscape but also in my mind at that moment. So much change had happened in such a short amount of time and I was just reflecting on it all."

The main theme of the album for Henry Green is movement. He explains: "We're constantly moving in some manner, at some pace... whether its physically or emotionally. This year was all about progression and change for me, so I found myself constantly gravitating towards that idea of movement in my lyrics. 'Shift' was a word that just kept reappearing when writing the tracks, whether I was describing the structures of the tracks, the instrumentation / arrangement and obviously, the lyrics. I wanted to exhibit a feeling of constant movement in the album and that idea that every element is constantly shifting, but at a variety of paces."

Listen to "Another Light" along with his previously released single, "Stay Here", below.

Pre-order Shift on iTunes and get both "Anther Light" and "Stay Here" instantly.

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