Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Nola Wren - Creature

Following last year's release of her previous single, "Levitate", Chicago-born, New York City-based singer/songwriter Kara Renee Francavillo, aka Nola Wren returns today with her new single called "Creature". Written and produced by Nola Wren herself, "Creature" is a dark and eerie-sounding electronic pop gem that further showcases her lyrical prowess as she softly sings, "don't ask me how this story ends, just when you think you're safe here comes the tidal wave."

Speaking on the track, Nola says:

"I wrote and produced this track myself, beginning late last spring around the time I got involved in the making of a low-budget indie horror film called 'The Stay' (currently in post-production). One night, I was playing around with ideas for the film's score in Ableton, and that's when the very earliest version of 'Creature' was born. Writing the lyrics, however, took a few months to fully work out what I was trying to say - an experience I would best describe as a slow motion exorcism. It seems really dark on the surface, but there's a bit of humor and hope in there too."

Listen to "Creature" below.

"Creature" is available now on iTunes.


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