Friday, January 19, 2018

Zoey G - Runaway

Having already mastered the guitar, piano, saxophone, bass and ukulele, 16-years-old Greeley, Colorado-based pop songstress Zoey Georgeades, aka Zoey G steps out into the spotlight today with the release of her debut single entitled "Runaway", which was produced by Stefan Litrownik and co-produced by Shannon McArthur.

Written about the push and pull that can occur in a budding relationship, "Runaway" reflects the conflict that a person may feel when they’re unsure of where they stand in said relationship. "We all have emotions, whether it be the ‘I don’t care’ side or the 'I really care' side," explains Zoey G. "'Runaway' conveys both of those sides, the instrumental portion being the 'I don't care,' and the melody/lyrics being the 'I really care'side."

Guaranteed to have you singing along, "Runaway," demonstrates that while she may be young, Zoey G is remarkably talented and there's still a lot more to come from this exciting newcomer as she prepares for the release of her upcoming EP.

Listen to "Runaway" below.

"Runaway" is available now on iTunes.

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  1. sounds like the next Cameila, awesome song, makes me want to go out with friends and dance. This is a hit