Friday, July 13, 2018

Emily Vaughn - Strangers

It was just last week that Florida-raised, Los Angeles-based pop artist Emily Vaughn dazzled us along with thousands of adoring fans with her demo of "Miss U", and now today she returns with her brand new single called "Strangers", which is the latest in a series of singles that focuses on heartbreak and moving on. With a catchy melody and hard hitting production to match, Emily's latest banger is sure to be yet another hit from the artist that Buzzfeed named as the #1 Emerging Artists To Watch In 2018

"I wrote 'Strangers' about loving someone, breaking up, and the quiet, unmentioned belief that when you speak again the relationship can heal and you can begin again," Emily explains. "Sometimes, when you break up with someone you loved, you convince yourself that time apart is all you really need. But when you do finally speak again, and the fog clears, you realize that the idealized future between you and an ex-lover was always only in your head. It was cruel fiction. After everything, you realize you’re strangers at best."

Listen to "Strangers" below.

"Strangers" is available now on iTunes.

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