Friday, January 11, 2019

Lyrah - Down Low

San Francisco-based indie pop artist Kathleen Warner, aka Lyrah, who first came to our attention towards the tail end of last year with her debut single "Don't Make Me", is back today with her latest offering called "Down Low", which also serves as the second single to be taken from her upcoming 4-song Chemicals EP, due out in February.

According to Lyrah, "Down Low" is about not wanting someone to make a whole show out of the early days of dating. "I was in a situation where this person wanted to show me off to their friends more than they wanted to get to know me," says Lyrah. "I think they liked the idea of me, but had no idea who I was. Then things ended and they acted like they didn’t even know me."

The addictive chorus of "Down Low" exemplifies the pop sensibility bursting across the entire EP and showcases a depth of songwriting not often found in new artists.

Listen to "Down Low" below.

"Down Low" is available now on iTunes.

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