Thursday, August 8, 2019

Biond - Like He Never

Melbourne-based singer/songwriter Biond has just shared the visuals for her latest single, "Like He Never", directed by award-winning filmmaker Greta Nash. The "Like He Never" video follows Biond and her "Biondtourage" on one of their a fun-filled nights out, complete with arcade games, karaoke and the compulsory 3 a.m. Kebab Run - all the necessary things to do in order to deal with the emotional aftermath of a broken heart.

Director Greta Nash says, "For me, 'Like He Never' is about finding the power in ignoring the people who hold you back in place of having fun with your mates. Collaborating with our actual friends and shooting in some iconic Melbourne locations has resulted in quite a beautiful ode to a very specific and special time in our lives - it's a loving, neon-soaked ode to friendship and the cathartic power of karaoke.""

Watch the video for "Like He Never" below.

"Like He Never" is available now on all streaming platforms. Get it here.

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