Friday, December 20, 2019

Alma Leta - cross my heart

Californa-born, New Zealand-raised electronic pop artist Alma Leta has today released her brand new single called "cross my heart", the follow-up to her previously released tracks "18" and "Flowers". Once again teaming up with producer and multi-instrumentalist Nik Brinkman, "cross my heart" offers a tender confession of wrong doings and the promise to avoid repeating past mistakes. Oscillating between remorse and a sense of love and hope, "cross my heart" channels these delicate, very human emotions through a vow to make things right.

Speaking on the track, Alma says:

"We are such complicated creatures, how we can feel two polar opposite emotions at one time. I really wanted to channel that with this track. It fascinates me how certain music can simultaneously make us feel both happy and sad. When Nik first sent me the instrumental, it sorta took me to a familiar, nostalgic place. I tried to weight within my words a story that spoke to the emotive music Nik created. It felt like the song set the scene for itself."

Listen to "cross my heart" below

"cross my heart" is available now on all digital platforms. Get it here.

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