Monday, July 24, 2017

Kylie Spence - Lying Eyes

Introducing 16-year-old singer/songwriter Kylie Spence, who hails from Laguna Beach, CA. and has just unveiled her debut single called "Lying Eyes", a moody, alternative pop track that explores the dark depths of being in a tumultuous relationship. On "Lying Eyes", Kylie uses her crisp emotive vocals to tap into a sense of self that captures the desperation and uneasiness of wanting to let someone go yet still holding on just in case there's still a chance. Production wise, the track mixes both modern and vintage instruments, like a mellotron, wurlitzer, and harmonium, to give it a sharp but warm and tangible sound. Touching on topics well beyond her years, Kylie views the world with a deep sense of empathy and is able to draw inspiration from her own experiences, personal struggles and the world around her. "Lying Eyes" is just the first glimpse of what to expect from Kylie’s upcoming debut EP.

Speaking on the track, Kylie says:

"There is a constant struggle between the two, yet they stay together because they love the outside of the person and their looks but they can't stand what is on the inside… I don't always write from personal experiences. For 'Lying Eyes,' I drew inspiration from movies I've seen, stories I've heard and people I've met. I have such a deep empathy so I'm able to connect and understand a lot of people and their past experiences. I want people to get goose bumps. I want them to feel like they are in the character's shoes and can relate in some way or another. I also want people to get a feel for what kind of artist I am."

Listen to "Lying Eyes" below.

Premiere via BreatheHeavy.

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