Friday, September 1, 2017

ARY - Already There

Following the release of her previous single "Childhood Dreams", released earlier this year, Trondheim-raised, Oslo-based artist Ariadne Loinsworth, aka ARY returns today with her massive new tune called "Already There". A pulsating, club-ready electronic pop banger, ARY has excelled herself on "Already There". Flittering synths align with steady percussion in the verses while ARY's jazzy vocal inflections shine through, before the track opens up into its almighty chorus.

"Often when I’m writing I feel like things are taking an eternity, but this song somehow wrote itself," says ARY. "I remember when I got home from the studio with the first outline of the song, and I didn’t want to stop listening to it. I think it’s the first proper pop song I’ve written. It’s also worth mentioning that it was my first love song. I get the feeling that it’s almost a bit taboo to write about love these days. Or shameless love, anyway. There always has to be something blocking a relationship - whether it is a broken heart or just that you want a one night stand, or whatever. It seems like it’s not that cool to simply like someone, you know? Just having a good time. But I am. I’m having a shamelessly good time."

Listen to "Already There" below.

"Already There" is out now via Petroleum Records and available on iTunes.

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