Friday, February 23, 2018

Alexx Mack - Wine In Bed

It's no big secret that Jupiter, Florida-raised, Los Angles-based singer/songwriter Alexx Mack is indeed one of our longtime favorites here at WS headquarters, having been an avid fans of hers ever since she released "Bad" in early 2015. Now following the release of her previous two singles, "Your Car" (featuring EXES) and "Whatever I Want", Alexx makes a welcome return today with her latest offering entitled "Wine In Bed". Produced by Alex Flagstad (guitarist of L.A. outfit The Heirs), "Wine In Bed" is a confessional pop masterpiece inspired by Alex's own toxic coping mechanisms and the concept of pushing away the good things in your life for self-destructive patterns.

Speaking on the track, Alexx says:

"'Wine in Bed' is about me learning that my coping methods were adding to the toxicity in my life and relationships. I would drink and cross my fingers to feel better, and almost every time, I'd end up making another mistake. I thought that every sign was pointing to me needing to be alone. The truth was that I was pushing everything good in my life away."

Listen to "Wine In Bed" below

"Wine In Bed" is available now on iTunes.

Premiere via Nylon.

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