Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Holander - Something Real

Los Angeles-based electro-pop artist Holander has just unveiled her new brand new single called "Something Real." Complete with shiny synths, a dancey hook, and Holander's delicate vocals, "Something Real" is a millennial call to deal with the void we’re all longing to fill. Taking on a party girl persona, she sees the numbness around her and tries to make sense of why people look for comfort in the synthetic feelings from drugs. Singing: "I'm just trying to feel something real," Holander wants listeners to look past party culture and find that basic human need to connect and feel purpose beyond our lifeless, digital world. It's as groovy as it is introspective, ironically making it a perfect addition to your next party playlist.

"Something Real" is also the first release under Carly Harpur Hollander’s new pseudonym Holander. Her previous single "Satellite" garnered over 16,500 streams on Spotify in just a few short months. Huffington Post called her melodies "cogent, vivacious and attractive, with lyrics that avoid the mundane banalities associated with most electro-pop tunes."

With "Something Real." Holander further establishes herself has a key player in the Los Angeles electro-pop scene by bringing a fresh, innovative perspective and perfect ear for production. This is just the beginning to a big 2018 for Holander as she will also be performing at Women Fuck Shit Up Fest in Los Angeles on February 24th.

Listen to "Something Real" below.

Premiere via CelebMix.


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