Thursday, February 22, 2018

Zoey Lily - More

20-year-old East London-based singer/songwriter Zoey Lily returns today with her third-ever offering called "More", the follow-up to her previous two single singles "Nothing" and "Edges". Showcasing Zoey's softly accented vocals, pensive songwriting and a keen ear for minimalist alternative-pop melodies, "More" is the latest step forward in this emerging artist's promising presence in London's buzzing music scene.

Speaking on the track, Zoey says:

"I wrote this song about a guy I met a while ago who left the impression of being the super cool kid everyone admired and wanted to be like. When I got to know him closer I realised that he was struggling a lot to keep up with the image he created himself and actually felt very worthless and empty. In his own way he kept letting me down because he wasn’t able to let me in."

Listen to "More" below.

"More" is available now on iTunes.

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