Friday, March 30, 2018

Lily Lyon - Boi

Introducing New Jersey-raised, Los Angeles-based indie pop artist and Berklee College of Music graduate, Lily Lyon, who has just unveiled her debut single called "Boi". Not your typical breakup song, "Boi" is a declaration of independence of the relentless cycle of romanticising the past. Not to mention, that it is also an absolutely flawless and catchy first offering that will, with any luck, help catapult her into pop superstardom. Having been writing and performing for the past 12 years, Lily's sound is heavily influenced by her Brazilian heritage and her hopes as a musician is to increase visibility of the Brazilian American community in the United States and bridge the gap in the Latin American market that lacks Brazilian representation.

Speaking on the track, Lily says:

"The idea behind the song's lyrics is that it's a not a goodbye to a boy but a goodbye to the psychological trap of hope and romanticizing the past."

Listen to "Boi" below.

"Boi" is available now on iTunes and Amazon.