Tuesday, April 17, 2018

BATTS - Shame

Following last year's release of her 5-song debut EP, 62 Moons back in late November, Melbourne-based singer/songwriter Tanya Batt, aka BATTS returns today with her first new offering of 2018 entitled "Shame".

The song is inspired by BATTS' love of 60's music along with her love for mid to late 90's Britpop. You can definitely hear the live and raw energy, something BATTS was striving for when she and her bandmates (Lachlan O'Kane, Ross Beaton, Brendan Tsui and Matthew Kenneally) tracked the song with Isaac Barter.

Lyrically, the song is about BATTS' view of the world and the idea that humans continue to think if they were to colonise a different planet, such as Mars, it would turn out any different. "Shame" is also about wanting a positive change to humankind and to all the negative things that are currently happening in today's world.

Listen to "Shame" below.

"Shame" is available now on iTunes.


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