Friday, May 25, 2018

Rotana - Bad Weather

Saudi Arabian pop artist Rotana returns today with her new song called "Bad Weather", which also serves as the third installment following "Loud Love" and "In The Morning" to be taken from her Demo Love Series. With absolutely no mastering, mixing, or autotune, Rotana's Demo Love Series strives to show her music in it's most raw and authentic form. The stripped-back demos are a means for Rotana to share her process, to share herself, and also a means to her own personal freedom.

Enchanting yet poignant, "Bad Weather" explores the moment right before a break up. In her own words Rotana explains, "You’ve tried everything. You’ve broken up before, you’ve gotten back together, you’ve tried to talk it out, shake it out, pray it out. Its not working. 'Sometimes love is like bad weather, you can't pray it away, you can't make it better, sometimes love is like bad weather, we can dance in the rain but cant stay together.'"

Listen to "Bad Weather" below.

"Bad Weather" is available now on iTunes.

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