Friday, April 12, 2019

Fushia - Dreams & Stardust

Following the success of their previous single, "Transparent Girls", released earlier this year, Danish duo FUSHIA, comprised of identical twin sisters, Nathalie and Mathilde Nyegaard, return today with the release of their cinematic pop masterpiece called "Dreams & Stardust". The song is equal parts baroque pop, wistful ballad and cinematic musical mastery. With each cadence, the dramatic instrumental builds a powerful wall of sound that fills your ears, completely enveloping you with each passing moment. This sets the ideal foundation for the vocal to soar high above, rich with tactful emotion.

Speaking on the track, FUSHIA says:

"So many of us grow up dreaming of something. Dreaming rather than doing. Dreams remain dreams, never becoming more than empty longings. Are we afraid of failing, of losing, of finding out that the dream wasn’t what we thought it was? With 'Dreams and Stardust', we want to dare people to actually believe in themselves and turn their words into actions."

The 22-year-old sisters use their art form to speak out about their relationship with feminism, greed and hopelessness and reflect on how it is to live in a world where people suffocate in possibilities and where time is the most valuable currency. Having often had this recurring daydream of wanting to escape society’s pressures and go hide under a rock, along the way the sisters learned that vulnerability can be just as powerful as strength and that they can use their defiance to create art.

Listen to "Dreams & Stardust" below.

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