Friday, March 27, 2020

New Music Friday #149

Happy New Music Friday everyone! Below you will find a roundup of some of this week's best new music by some of today's most promising female artists. Also, be sure to check out our comprehensive Spotify playlist at the bottom of this page which includes all these songs plus songs that we previously featured earlier this week.
Enjoy! xoxo

Abby Sage - "Holy Water"

Aimée - "What My Mamma Gave Me"

Alice Gray - "Del Mar"

Amaroun - "Talk"

Anne-Marie - "Her"

April - "New Conditions"

Ayelle & Rationale - "Choice"

Bad Honey (feat. Sharky + MEI) - "Blissfully Unaware"

BATHSHEBA - "Are You There?"

Blair Lee - "Less Or More"

Brooke Alexx - "Drunk"

Bryde - "Silence"

Cailin Russo - "Assume"

Carlie Hanson - "Daze Inn"

Carmody - "More Than I Miss You"

Chelsea Collins - "Used To Be (L.O.V.E.)"

chloe mk - "Cosmic"

Daphne Guinness - "Deviant Disco"

Delacey - "Black Coffee"

Dua Lipa - "Break My Heart"

Duchess - "Blame"

ellis - "Saturn Return"

Emily Burns - "Terrified"

Emily Zeck - "BESTIES"

Emma Gatsby - "Insane"

Essie Holt - "Salt"

Georgia Meek - "Made Of Stone"

Ghita - "Out of My Life"

Girl Wilde - "Big Fuckup Energy"

Glowe - "Overwhelmed"

Grace Ackerman - "Insecurities"

Hailee Steinfeld - "I Love You's"

Hania - "Self Care"

Hannah Jane Lewis - "Love Letters"

HANNI - "Crazy"

ISA - "Gravity"

Izzy Camina - "Wrapped In Gold"

Janine - "Ain't Nobody"

Jenn Grinels - "Don't Let Me Misunderstood"

Julia Bhatt - "Miami"

Julia Church - "Japan"

Kailee Morgue - "Knew You"

Kali Claire - "Easy"

Katelyn Tarver - "Feel Bad"

Lara Snow - "Wild Sea"

Lili Kendall - "lonely empress"

Lizzy Farrall - "Gas Lighting"


Louise Lemón - "Devil"

Maggie Miles - "Swim"

Maisie Peters - "Daydreams"

Maty Noyes - "Sunlight"

MAVICA - "Ada Road"

Maya Killtron - "Fired Up"

Melanie Iglesias - "Whateva"

Miki Rose - "Homies"

Millie Turner - "Jungle" (Acoustic)

MOLTENO - "Tripping Up"

Nadia Vaeh - "Monroe"

Natalie McCool - "Closure"

Natalie Shay - "Owe It To You"

Olivia Grace - "Roulette"

Orchid - "Heavy"

Qveen Herby - "Check"

Retrolux - "Pity Party"

Sam Creighton - "Go To Hell"

Serena Foster - "Game Over"

Shadi G - "Wrong Kind"

Sody - "Charlotte"

Sophie Colette - "In Love a Little"

Sophie Rose - "Distance"

Terror Jr - "Fun"

Theia - "Frat Boyz"

TS Graye - "Dressed in White"

UPSAHL - "12345SEX"

WRENN - "Internet Gaming"

Yorke - "Nights We Waste"

ZZ Ward - "The Dark"

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