Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Black Honey - Madonna

Brighton-based four-piece Black Honey, comprised of Izzy B Phillips, Tommy Taylor, Chris Ostler and Tom Dewhurst have today announced their new double A-side single "Madonna" and "Spinning Wheel" which will be released on April 6th via Duly Noted Records.

Black Honey plan to release the single on CD only and the first 5 copies (one per day) will be available via bidding on eBay. In addition, the band will also include exclusive Polaroids. This innovative approach of distributing your music also means that for the first time fans outside the UK can buy the band's CDs and for those in the UK that want to wait, you can pre-order the single ahead of the bands live gigs (which you can check out here) via text: 07578533359

Listen to "Madonna" below and while you're at it, be sure to check out their song "Bloodlust" taken from their 2014 debut EP, which you can download for free by clicking here.

Premiere via Clash.

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