Thursday, June 25, 2015

Yulianna - Special

Following on from her previous single, "True Love", Los Angeles-based pop songstress Yulianna returns with the release of her sublime new single, "Special". The track itself embodies a sense of fantasy, as Yulianna's sensual growl explores the possibility of a love that goes beyond the dismal results of her past. As the story unfolds it has her searching with an unyielding lust for the quintessential relationship while rolling over a slow burning groove and slick Eurodisco sound. Every moment is wrapped in a thumping, unforgettable hook that speaks to Yulianna's unique pop, European dance aesthetic. With a defined mix of synthy dance flavor and soaring operatic background vocals, "Special" takes you to a hazy, dream-filled world of what the future holds, if only you have the power to believe it.

Listen to "Special" below.

"Special" is available now on iTunes.

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