Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Elle May - Over You

Sydney-based indie pop singer/songwriter Elle May has just shared her new single called "Over You", which serves as the third single following "Lion's Den" and "Learned My Lesson" that Elle has released so far this month, with a fourth single due out this coming Monday (July 27th). Now we're not too familiar with Elle but we're quite certain that once you hear "Over You" (along with some of her other previously released tracks) that you'll be just as smitten with her as we are. So to give you a little background on her, we've taken the liberty of highlighting a few bits from her impressive bio. Staring with her background.

Born into an entertainment family (her mother is entertainer Angela Ayers) at the age of 15, Elle won a $10,000 grant from New Zealand on Air under the New Artist Scheme with her debut single, "So Typical" which she co-wrote with Chartsong Productions Stuart Stuart from Brisbane. This consequently led her to win the 2007 Musicoz Award for Best Original Song in the International Category bringing her to the attention of several recording companies. Elle soon found herself working under the guiding eye of Michael Taylor of Universal Music. In 2012, she released her debut EP, titled Little Hearts and since then, Elle has built up quite a strong fan base and has been performing in and around Sydney. She is also a member of folk/pop duo with fellow Sydney-based singer/songwriter Jordan Millar (which you can check out here). Her electrifying vocals and quirky personality brings magic to the stage wherever she performs.

Listen to "Over You", "Lion's Den" and "Learned My Lesson" below.

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