Monday, August 17, 2015

Etch - Kryptonite

Following the release of her debut single "Going To Coachella", released back in early April, 17-year-old Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Chloe Star Nakhjavanpour, aka Etch returns with her infectious new single entitled "Kryptonite".

Speaking on the track, Chloe says:

"'Kryptonite' is basically a love song. While it is a love song, 'Kryptonite' has some addictive upbeat, poppy hooks that will make listeners really happy! The inspiration behind the single is a guy that I met while I was driving around Beverly Hills with one of my friends. Suddenly, I saw this guy in the corner of my eye and I instantly told her: 'Oh My Gosh! He is so cute!' I turned my car around completely and I told him that he was really cute and we exchanged numbers. We started to hang out and the love story turned into an amazing friendship."
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Listen to both "Kryptonite" and "Going To Coachella" below.

"Kryptonite" is available now on iTunes.

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