Thursday, October 1, 2015

Gena Perala - Fat World

Vancouver-based singer/songwriter Gena Perala, who first came to our attention earlier this year with her previous video/single for "Hoopla", has just unveiled the music video for her latest single, "Fat World", which is taken from her sophomore album, Exactly Nowhere. Perala may not be a skinny girl” or a cool girl" as the song's lyrics suggest, but she's definitely an Indie girl. Her DIY style is strong here as are her creative visuals.

Speaking on the video, Perala says:

"The song (Fat World) is pop punk so I wanted to create that old school pop punk aesthetic with an artistic twist. It was pretty natural. I got some friends together and some bandmates, we played music while the cameras rolled. It probably helped that I supplied a bunch of booze and stuff."

Watch the video for "Fat World" below.

Gena Perala is keeping busy, both professionally and personally. She works with the youth in her community, hired to facilitate poetry and music workshops within Surrey Juvenile Correctional facilities as well as within Vancouver’s School District. She has published three books of poetry, I’m a Worst Case Scenario Type of Girl (2003), Clean Getaway (2005) and Better Sorry than Safe (2011). She also has a new electronic collaboration with music set for release in 2016 and her band Tomgirl is currently working on a new EP. She’s also heading back into the studio soon to work on her next solo album.

Purchase a copy of Exactly Nowhere on either Bandcamp or iTunes.

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