Friday, October 9, 2015

Juanna - Miss Habit

24-year-old Danish singer/songwriter and visual artist Juanna Sørensen, aka Juanna has just unveiled the visuals for her new song called "Miss Habit", which also serves as the lead single taken from her forthcoming debut album, Happy Pill, slated to drop early next year.

Speaking on the album, Juanna says:

"'Happy Pill' is a collection of episodes from my life where I have felt I needed Prozac. It is a collection of ups and downs, especially from my early teen years where I once was tired of life and decided I did not want to be here anymore. Happiness Pills did not help, so it has gotten me through these times was, and still is, to speak out about my feelings and express myself through music. I have always felt very alone and have never had a good schooling - have always felt that the class weirdo. When I discovered that the songs helped me get worked my emotions, the music was the best therapy for me. "

Watch the video for "Miss Habit" and check out her previous single, "Alibi" below.

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