Thursday, November 19, 2015

Aeroplane Mode - Wild Excuses

Meet New York City-based duo Aeroplane Mode, comprised of vocalist Jess and multi-instrumentalist/producer Alex, who have just unleashed their debut single, "Wild Excuses"

Both classically trained musicians, the duo was born out of a need for personal escape and solace. After pursuing independent projects, the pair reconnected in 2012 after meeting two years prior in a songwriting workshop. Soon afterwards they began getting together to write weekly in Alex's home-studio where they'd turn their phones on airplane mode and let the music flow. When they noticed their work becoming increasingly personal, they decided to form a duo and cease pitching their work to other artists, thus Aeroplane Mode was born.

5 months into the new project, life changed for both members, with tragedy in Jess's family and Alex suffering significant heartbreak. Over the next year, their work began to reflect these life-altering developments, as did their songwriting dynamic, intensity and focus. During these seasons of immense change, their sessions soon served an entirely new purpose, as their collaborative songwriting became (and remains) a necessity for sanity.

Listen to "Wild Excuses" below.

Premiere via Noisey.

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