Saturday, January 16, 2016

CLAVVS - Leviathan

Atlanta-based alt-pop duo CLAVVS have a knack for delivering some pretty dark and hypnotic tuneage. Describing their sound as subversive pop from the neon void, the pair, comprised of vocalist Amber Renee and four-time Grammy award-winning producer Graham Marsh (Gnarls Barkley, T.I. and Kid Cudi) return today with latest single called "Leviathan" (a word that is synonymous with any large sea monster or creature). The track also serves as the fifth track following "Sit You Down", "Throats", "Pledge Allegiance" and "All I Got" (featuring Yirayah) to be lifted from their forthcoming halfblood EP, due out this spring.

Speaking on the track, CLAVVS explains:

Amber: "'Leviathan' is one of my first bedroom songs, which is to say I wrote it back before I'd ever even recorded in a studio. I sat on it for nearly five years before I sang it for Graham, who ended up creating this perfect underwater microcosm for it to occupy. Water imagery is something that has always fascinated and frightened me, probably because I nearly drowned in a pool as a kid. It is essential to life, yet has the power of death. I think 'Leviathan' tries to captures that paradox."

Graham: "We initially demoed this song for our first album in 2014, but ended up not using it for that project. We dusted off the demo after a year and both realized how much we loved the song. With the overall sound and production of 'Leviathan,' my vision was to juxtapose Amber's ethereal vocal with an aggressive, driving soundscape. There are also subtle moments of underwater vibes, which was something we really wanted to get right."

Listen to "Leviathan" below.

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