Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Alma Elste - Limitless

23-year-old Parisienne chanteuse Alma Elste, who first came to our attention last year with her impressive debut single, "Heart Melter", returns today with her new single called "Limitless". 100% written, performed and self-produced by Alma herself, "Limitless" is a darkly pulsating pop track in the mould of James Blake and SOHN, and an ode to the destructive nature of long-term love burning out, leaving one half of the couple heartbroken.

Speaking on the track, Alma says:

"Maybe the most heartbroken ones in a relationship are the ones who are the real soldiers. To me 'Limitless' is like a battle song: it's about the battle we go through when we truly love, accepting to push the limits, when we didn't even know we could be capable of such courage. It's also a way of telling the other person that you saw through him. 'I saw it all, your dirty world,' — that’s the dark part that you saw in the person you loved and that he let you see. Basically being heartbroken doesn't mean you lost, it means you probably won against the person who broke you heart, only he or she will never know that."

Listen to "Limitless" below.

"Limitless" will be released on February 5th.

Premiere via Noisey.


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