Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Margaret Berger - Apologize

For more than a decade, Margaret Berger has kept the attention of anyone who loves good pop music through her explorations with playful electro, bombastic hits and larger-than-life songs of love. Now the Norwegian singer/songwriter has unveiled her new single along with an accompanying music video for "Apologize", directed by Mia Sundsfjord.

Since 2004, Berger has released three acclaimed albums. Her debut, Chameleon in 2004 earned her two Norwegian Grammy Award nominations, and a win for Music Video of the Year. Her second album, Pretty Scary Silver Fairy in 2006 showed off a more eclectic side to Berger's sound, and caught the attention of critics worldwide. While 2011's In A Box showed Berger as a storyteller and showcased her more playful side. One of Berger's biggest tunes to date is "I Feed You My Love", which served as Norway's entry to Eurovision in 2013 and has since amassed well over 7 million plays on Spotify.

After a short break from the spotlight, Berger has now chosen to return on her own terms. "Apologize", which she co-wrote with Anders Kjær (Emilie Nicolas, Ellie Goulding) and ARY (Ariadne Loinsworth), serves as the first in a series of single releases that she will release independently. The song sits at the cross section between artist and person; as uncompromising as it is soul searching. A painful, yet honest and personal confrontation where one re-emerges both stronger and wiser. The lyrics reflect the sincerity within Berger and how she instead of fighting her demons, embraces them and makes them the undercurrent in her songwriting.

Speaking on the track, Margaret explains:

"The song is very dear to my heart, and I think you will understand why when you hear it. The big question remains, will you feel, will you relate? It is my goal this time around, to not create a dreamworld in wich you can escape, but to offer you a piece of my world, my truth and me basically"

Watch the video for "Apologize" below.

"Apologize" is available now on iTunes.

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