Thursday, March 31, 2016

Au Dré - Wanna Know?

Having greatly impressed us last year with their debut single "Fool Me" and again with their reflective follow-up "Climax", Melbourne-based duo Au Dré, comprised of vocalist/trumpeter Audrey Powne and producer/keyboardist James Bowers (aka, JamBau) return with a brand new single called "Wanna Know?", which is lifted from their forthcoming self-titled debut EP. An absolute party anthem with throwbacks to 80's disco and synth pop, "Wanna Know?" is not just another 80's parody, the lyrical content is about a woman demanding satisfaction without commitment from her casual romance tap into the feelings of twenty something women navigating their way through today's hook up, 'no shame in the flame' culture.

Listen to "Wanna Know?" below.

"Wanna Know?" is available now on Bandcamp (name your price).

Premiere via auspOp.

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