Monday, March 21, 2016

Le Voir - To Walk The Other Way

Le Voir, otherwise known as the moniker of Salt Lake City-based singer/songwriter and producer Gillian Chase is gearing up release her debut album, Dualities on March 28th. Drawing upon influences ranging from contemporary synth rock as well as alternative and folk music. Le Voir's debut album represents Chase's dynamic musical style, moving back and forth between minimalistic, intimate moments and adeptly produced electro rock sections that bring acts such as LCD Soundsystem and M83 to mind. Ahead of the album's release, Le Voir has recently shared her new song called "To Walk The Other Way".

Speaking on the track, Gillian explains:

"'To Walk the Other Way' was never supposed to end up on my album. It was never really supposed to be a song even… It started as a soft melody I played on acoustic guitar as I reflected on the sweetness of the first realization I loved someone. One night I recorded a verse and chorus on whim and then set it aside to focus on the more electronic productions I was forming for Dualities. Months passed and life went on and through one way or another, I lost the love that had inspired the initial sweetness of 'To Walk the Other Way'. At the time, I was filled with so many emotions that felt so uncomfortable to be a vessel to. When I later stumbled upon my initial creation of 'To Walk', on another whim I reproached it, but this time with all the devastation and anger I felt. I played with going back and forth between the gentleness of early To Walk and the gritty desperation of late To Walk. I picked up an electric guitar and hit record and left my first take alone despite all it's raw, out of tune, kind of ugly nature.

I never imagined I would be brave enough to put this song out for people to hear… yet, of all the songs on my album, to me it feels the most unconfined, creative and… honest. It's polarity somehow captures my objective as a musician and the dualities I feel within myself. I eventually reached a point where I reconciled that if I put 'To Walk' on the album, maybe one or two people who heard the song would 'get it' and everyone else would just have to deal for 4 minutes. The funny thing was that every person I showed the initial masters of Dualities to mentioned 'To Walk the Other Way' as one of their favorites.

Listen to "To Walk The Other Way" along with 2 more standout tracks taken from the album, "The Park" and "Tides", below.

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