Friday, March 4, 2016

VÉRITÉ - Underdressed

Having already released two critically acclaimed EPs: 2014's Echo and 2015's Sentiment, New York City-based songstress Kelsey Byrne, aka VÉRITÉ returns today with her striking new single called "Underdressed".

Harnessing her ability of crafting effortlessly grand, resonant melodies, "Underdressed" is another alternative pop anthem with gritty lyrical charm. Testifying VÉRITÉ's ascent so far, this latest offering builds upon the vital foundation she has laid so far with previous hit singles such as "Weekend", "Wasteland" and others to take her definitive sound to glorious new heights. Honing in on her unbelievable talent and an exceptional level of consistency, the last two years have seen VÉRITÉ become one of the most popular artists throughout the blogosphere, with millions of listeners on Spotify and Soundcloud. Needless to say, 2016 looks set to be another strong year for VÉRITÉ, with more details to be revealed soon.

Speaking with V Magazine, VÉRITÉ says:

"There is not not a full length on the horizon but for now, EPs have just been this super obvious, and natural, progression that I'm not ready to change yet. I've released nine songs and ever since then it's been so overwhelmingly positive, and it's just, like, eventually I am going to release something, and people aren’t going to like it. Just statistically impossible that it won’t happen."

Listen to "Underdressed" below.

"Underdressed" is available now on iTunes.

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