Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Zealyn - Sleep On It

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Zealyn, otherwise known as the stage name of former American Idol contestant Angie Miller, has today unveiled her new single, "Sleep On It", which also serves as the second single following "Talk:Listen" to be lifted from her forthcoming debut album, Limbic System, due out this summer.

Produced and co-written by Copeland's Aaron Marsh , Zealyn marks a new direction for the alternative artist who says, "After three years of being a pop artist, I was craving more creativity in my music. I wanted to experiment more and create a sound of my own. Aaron Marsh was able to bring each idea of mine to life, and working with him in the studio on Limbic System is where I discovered my sound."

The two worked together in Marsh's recording studio in Lakeland, Florida, with David James Williams joining them as a guitarist and songwriting collaborator. Over the course of two months, they dreamt up a new sound, draping Zealyn's vocals over percussive soundscapes, bursts of thickly-stacked harmonies, and beds of strings.

Speaking on the track, Zealyn says:

"The track was written about the moments leading up to making an important decision, and being so unsure of what to do. We all know how it feels to try so hard to not stress, want more time, and make sure you think everything through."

Listen to "Sleep On It" along with "Talk:Listen" below.

"Sleep On It" will be available to purchase on April 1st.

Premiere via Nylon.

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