Monday, April 4, 2016

Milo Greene - Never Mean It

Los Angeles-based trio Milo Greene return today with their blistering yet beautiful new track called "Never Mean It". Arriving at the start of a new period of creativity for the the band, the track comes as Milo Greene have begun crafting their third studio album while also having decided to bring their audience behind the curtain by sharing early demos online.

Speaking on the track, the band says:

"'Never Mean It' started in Robbie's living room with a minimal bongo groove. We started laying down simple moody guitar lines, and Marlana came up with this flowing verse melody. Robbie and I started singing responses and eventually we created this swell of bellowing vocals that showcased the frustration within the lyric.

The new batch of Milo Greene songs came out of our living rooms. We shared ideas we'd been developing individually, and just sang ideas as loud as we could without pissing off the neighbors. Everything just kind of flowed out of us once we finally got off tour and had time to decompress. Releasing demos is an experiment. Maybe these songs end up on the next record, maybe they don’t. But it’s nice to throw something out there to share instead of having it sit on our computers, never to see the light of day like so many songs have.

Listen to "Never Mean It" below.

Premiere via Nylon.

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