Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Dragonette - Lonely Heart

Following on from from last year's release of their previous single, "Let The Night Fall", Toronto-based electro-pop trio Dragonette make a welcome return today with their airy and joyous new single called "Lonely Heart." Flipping the assumed blues of the title on its head with its swift, inexorable punch-drunk summer hook, the track pairs a reggae-tinged synth line with shout-out-loud backups and a lazy, toe-tapping beat, blasting straight into its sticky sweet center, as singer Martina Sorbara repeats on the irresistible hook, "I've got a lonely heart, got a lonely heart." And even despite the brief downcast bridge, where Sorbara sings "late night cab rides, with a lonely heart, chest pressed upright, against a lonely heart / I got to fill it up, fill my lonely heart," it’s clear they understand the power in taking the carefree high road during bouts of sadness.

Speaking on the track, Sorbara explains:

"When we started writing 'Lonely Heart,' like most songs, we weren't entirely aware of where it was leading us. But then, slowly, a kind of 'covert sad song' started to form. On the surface it's almost a party tune, but if you follow it more closely it’s quite melancholic. But I think it’s the kind of melancholy that most people enjoy feeling. The kind that keeps you interesting."

Listen to "Lonely Heart" below.

"Lonely Heart" will be available on iTunes on May 27th.

Premiere via SPIN.


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