Friday, May 6, 2016

GG Ramirez - Cheerleader

Introducing Los Angeles-based indie pop artist GG Ramirez, who has today released her highly infectious debut single called "Cheerleader", produced by Lindgren, who has also worked with the likes of Aaron Carter, Adesse and Open Season, just to name a few.

Raised in the small town of Corcoran, California, GG Ramirez has had a not so small beginning in the music industry. In her pre-teen years she was touring with an internationally recognized mariachi band in Mexico. Her musical career in the U.S began at 12 years old, when she was casted to be a part of the all girl group, G.L.A.M. (with Becky G). GG Ramirez quickly matured out of the band and realized her desires to grow as a solo artist. She graduated from high school shortly after and moved to L.A to find her sound.

Combining the worlds of glitter punk and glam rock, GG Ramirez is paving a new and edgier path in the world of pop music. She is the perfect concoction of Gwen Stefani, Demi Lovato, Lights, and Charli XCX. With or without modern pop production, her voice is unbelievably refreshing and new. Raw talent and gutsy songwriting are the things that will put GG Ramirez in the ranks of the new pop generation.

Her coming-of-age approach to songwriting guarantees an immediate connection for every listener. From mistakes to heart breaks, GG Ramirez is confidently vulnerable with every song. Her main focus is to connect with her fans and build a genuine community around her music. She may be on the road to Billboard success but she refuses to let that distract her from what’s most important, her fans. GG Ramirez is the underdog pop queen waiting to make her position known. She is currently back in the studio pouring her all into the creation of her debut album.

Listen to "Cheerleader" below.

"Cheerleader" is available now on iTunes.

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