Monday, May 23, 2016

Giungla - Wrong

Bologna-based singer/songwriter Emanuela Drei, aka Giungla (which means 'jungle' in Italian) has today unveiled her new single called "Wrong", which also serves as the fourth and final track to be lifted from her debut EP titled Camo, out now via Factory Flaws.

Driven by a thrashing, fixated beat and palm-muted punk guitar riffs, "Wrong" is a forceful, foreboding track which finds Giungla admonishing a self-described know-it-all, judgmental individual in her life, as she repeats "why do I even bother? Why do I even love her?" And as the chaotic instrumentals pulse the tune to its stark close, her message of discontentedness cuts through unmistakably, as she laments "even you, even you, even you, sometimes you’re wrong."

Listen to "Wrong" below.

Purchase a copy of Giungla's Camo EP on vinyl here or digital download on iTunes.

Premiere via NME.

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