Wednesday, May 25, 2016

RALPH - Cold To The Touch

Following on from last year's release of her well-received debut single "Trouble", Toronto-based artist Raffa Weyman, aka RALPH now returns today with her glossy new single called "Cold To The Touch", which infuses classic heart-on-the-sleeve pop songwriting with a sound at home on a 70's disco floor.

Speaking on the track, RALPH says:

"'Cold to the touch' is about the imbalance that often exists between two people in a casual fling. He wants more, she isn't looking for anything serious."

RALPH spent much of her childhood covered in facial glitter and feather boas, singing along to Fleetwood Mac, David Bowie, Prince, and the Temptations, and developing an early appreciation for the sounds and styles of the past. Striving to create a unique sound that blends disco, pop, synth, and smooth soul (think Sade meets Donna Summer meets Stevie Nicks), RALPH blends funky 1970’s bass with 1980’s style pop keys, while staying contemporary through vocal melodies and fresh synth sounds. Most importantly, RALPH’s catchy dance tunes stay true to her narrative songwriting style, containing strong lyrical content that tell stories of jealousy, lust, deception, and strength.

Listen to "Cold To The Touch" below.

"Cold To The Touch" is available now on iTunes.

Premiere via DIY.

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