Thursday, June 30, 2016

Rainsford - S.I.D. (Sunshine In December)

Introducing Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter, actress and model Rainey Qualley, aka Rainsford. As a young model, Rainy has worked for designers like Chanel and Calvin Klein and has been featured in Vogue and Vanity Fair. As as an actress, she has followed in her mother's (who is acclaimed actress Andie MacDowell) footsteps, having starred in AMC's award-winning series Mad Men and was named Miss Golden Globe 2012. And as an ex-country singer, Rainey has opened for the likes of Willie Nelson, Loretta Lynn and Hank Williams Jr., not to mention has also played the Grand Ole Opry seven times. Now Rainey forges ahead with a new pop sound and has all the makings of becoming a household name.

Steeped in vibrant, thematic aesthetics, Rainsford plays indie-driven pop, coated with indulgent, sentimental vocals and a shiny synth veneer which you can clearly hear on her debut single, "S.I.D." (Sunshine In December). Co-written and produced by Nick Dungo, the track symbolizes a new beginning and showcases her inimitable vision and talent fully and without cliché. Represented by her love of film, fashion and pop culture, Rainsford's songs have a vintage feel of the 80s and 90s but are modernized with a pure adrenaline rush.

Speaking on the track, Rainey explains:

"SID is an important and exciting song for me because it marks the realization of where I wanted to start my new project. I had been writing for a while searching for the right feeling and the right people to work with. After my co-writer (Nick Dungo) and I wrote SID I thought “this is the sound, this is the feeling, this is where I want to start my new beginning”. I have had to be patient and wait for the right time to finally share what we’ve been working on. I am thrilled to release new music that feels like sharing a piece of me."

Listen to "S.I.D. (Sunshine In December)" below.

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